Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ahh New Year

I always love the beginning of a new year. It's not that I really think that I get a clean slate, because God doesn't change at the start of a new year, only my mindset...for however long that may be. I just love the feeling that starting over brings...especially when just about everyone else in the world is doing it too.

Last year was pretty rough for me. I attended some events that lifted my spirit and broke my heart all at the same time. I attended other events and received answers to prayers and became closer to people I knew and didn't know (but should have). I saw death...listening to the sobs and strained voice of a dear friend who lost her mother with no warning; I held my best friends hand as she struggled through the death of her marriage, I said goodbye to a woman of God unlike any I have ever met before. I saw life...rekindling two friendships I had lost touch with 25 years ago. I finally let go of a job I had no business clinging to; and, though it doesn't make sense, I am happy & blessed. I make less money than I have since my 20's, but God has blessed me so much in these last 3 months I have not missed a dime! When I say 2010 was rough...I mean it was rough...I'm just going to be straight and get it all out there. It was almost the end of me. My health was taking a fast plunge...among other things, and I put on a smile pretending everything was fine, but I had given up...emergency prayer chain kind of given up (ps...thanks for the hand's was me). This past year is one I am running from.

On to the new year. I don't want to make any resolutions; but, I do want to be resolved to live my life with the Lord in charge. I want to fine tune my senses. I want to see what He sees, hear what He wants me to hear, and be obedient doing what He wants me to do. I want to sense His presence, that's all. Sounds simple, but I know it wont be. I may keep you posted along the way about that? ;)

I hope we all have the greatest new year ever.