Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Ahhhh Christmas

December is such a busy month; but, by far one of the best months of the year.
It's a month were I step outside the box that I am so familiar with and embrace others.
One of the highlights of the month was spending time with my blog friend Holly. What a breath of fresh air...their family is soooo...functional. They are awesome. I have never seen a family work together as they did, I was more than impressed. We three girls baked cookies while the guys went out and hunted for supper (at the nearest Chili's hee hee). Actually, I must confess...little Kylie and I created cookie dough under the supervision of Holly, and while I would like to say I baked cookies, I actually baked one sheet and forgot all about them...uh...leaving the rest for Holly to follow up on. lol She's awesome! Then, I was introduced to a game called Whodunnit? I think that is what it was called anyway. It was so much fun...could have gone for another round, but it was late, so I took the kids up on a game in the morning, then was interrupted by the lovliest breakfast omelet...really, it was worth remembering. mmm mmm mmm I took my fancy plastic camera for cookie baking pictures, but forgot to take them; however, Kylie created the following picture which expressed our awesome time better than any Kodak film could.

Smith family: thanks for allowing me to share a piece of Christmas with you.

From there, I finally got into the Christmas spirit and did some mild home decor.
I decorated my mantel

The Christmas tree to the left is the only one my cats will allow in the house; any tree (or anything else in the plant family) will be chewed, and ornaments will be used for kitty batting practice.

And I decorated my windows (I had one of those battery operated candelsticks in each godson's spent last weekend with me and as they drove up, one of them said "dad, is Aunt Katie Jewish"...I thought that was so cute, so I told him...nope...Aunt Katie is just waiting for her man to come so she leaves her candles burning in EVERY window so he doesn't miss it.) Simon is on the couch...I just noticed. Any ideas on how to hide the cord?

I also decorated my entertainment center, but who wants to see a tv.

My delightful overnight with the boys consisted of dinner and all night at a Nickel-A-Play where we shot up Villain's, raced motorcycles, race cars, and spent lots of money trying to win cheesy plastic toys (and one "holiday assorted candle"), and watching movies well past midnight (uhh, well, I fell asleep watching The Underdog, but they were up). The next morning we went to breakfast where I was entertained for the next hour and a half with verbal replays of the first movie we watched, interesting comic reliefs involving omelet surgery and talking muffins, and plenty of giggles. I must say, I had a blast.

I picked up my niece and great niece for Christmas. Ahhhhh White Christmas. It was so BEAUTIFUL...big giant white fluffy snowflakes! No snow on Christmas Eve...not even remnants, but Christmas morning I had a good six inches on my balcony. So, I didn't house hop this year ('cause I live in Colorado without 4-wheel time); I just stayed home by the fire with my hot chocolate and my nieces and watched Christmas movies, read the Christmas story (the real Christmas story), and sang Christmas songs.
Anika hanging out with me as I watch Home Alone.

Even one of my kitties was in the Christmas spirit...maybe she just liked my scarf.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!


Nadine said...

Sounds like you had a good time with a wonderful family. That's great.

beckyjomama said...

Thanks for the POSITIVE comment on my shockingly lacking snowman assembly skills!!! No one else has been as kind ... no one else has been kind at all!!!!! I am glad that you had a Merry Christmas, I will be praying for Anika - LOVE the name!!! (Go Pippi).
Have a BLESSED New Year my Siesta-Bloggy-Buddy!

beckyjomama said...

OK, I tried the counter thing but how do ya get it to tell you where the visitors are from?

HIS daughter said...

Hey Ms Kate!

I'm so glad your Christmas was blessed!
Thank you for your blog remark!

I so totally know what you are saying about showing them LOVE..

We so often from years of false "indoctrination" want to grab up family members and "shove GOD right down their proverbial throats".

HE is teaching me and being very tender and gentle I might add, that HE really means it when HE says, "unless the SPIRIT draws them"....that would mean..I am not the draw!

I went this weekend to visit extended family and with HIS strength showed love and HE had to be the one doing it because my human nature just cannot do that with modern day "Pharisees".

That was an early stumbling stone in my life early on in dysfunctional familyville. So many Pharisees and not one looked anything like CHRIST. They didn't do anything "bad". But if they were salt and light, then it was a bland and dark meal that day!

GOD help them and me as I continue to learn of HIM and to not become prideful when I learn something new.

HE is and i am not.

Love and Blessings,

Sharon said...

Glad you had a great Christmas and that you got to spend some time with Holly.
I got to meet her earlier this year when they were coming through our area.
They have a sweet family.

CrownLaidDown said...

Oh my, I am way behind on reading your posts! Look for me to return soon...doing a bit o' work today :)

Love you much!!

CrownLaidDown said...

PS Everyone loves your scarf! How could they not? It is so very soft! and pretty!