Monday, September 22, 2008

The Rest of My Travel

I do apologize for not keeping up with the much to little time to say it...and picky airwaves (the cloud cover leaves much to be desired for wireless blogging)...BUT, I love it here.
12:00 pm Canada time I boarded the largest plane I have ever been in. I sat right in the center and the plane seemed to go forever before me and behind me. I was quite a bit nervous at first because my mind just could not wrap around the fact that this plane can take off IN THE AIR with so many people on board. Side note: I took my camera this time, but I had an isle seat, and I didn't think people would be too happy with me snapping a pic of all of them...there were some grumpies. I realize people must travel frequently and not all have a silly American, first-time-out-of-the-states perma-grin on their face; and most are sooo tired, but WOW, the essence of it all is incredible. I just hope behind the grumpies lay the thought of the blessing of it all...we are really some blessed people. Ok, hopping off my soap box now. When the plane finally began to move, it was very bumpy...much like riding in my pickup. As we bounced along the runway the lights in the cabin flickered quite eerily as it resembled being in the midst of an episode of the Twilight Zone. I noticed I wasn't the only one nervous and a little freaked out...I saw the lady across the isle and we both shot each other an understanding grin sort of reassuring each other that this beast would actually take off; and, indeed we did and faster than any other takeoff I have ever experienced.
Inside the plane was another world. It had television monitors which showed a map of where we were and where we were headed; and, as we traveled, the plane moved across the sea in proportion to where we were. The man beside me was fast asleep and had a case of the twitches, the lady in front of me had the largest nose ring I have ever seen...I wanted so badly to ask her if I could take a picture, but even I knew that would be, the things that thrill me.
There were so many people of different races, and obvious religions, and styles, and was fabulous! I sat there for three hours making up stories in my mind about their lives...that's a fun past-time, try it, just remember, mental pondering don't make it true. I found that out when I arrived.
So, I arrived in London at 11:00 am and went through customs...I heard so many people complain about customs, but really, it's not that bad. Of course, the people complaining were mostly people from their own country...and that line was three times as long as the line of foreigners. They seem to have every method of transportation possible here...they have the train, the plane, the bus, the "tube" which is like a subway I think (I've never actually been on the subway). My mental picture of London was actually much different than the actual place. Their advertisements here are wooooo bad bad bad, or as they would say "naughty." They also have graffiti just like we do. The difference is the landscape and architecture and overall ambiance of the place. I actually thought it was a London thing to have red doors on every house...haa haa haa...not so. I didn't realize they have coffee here either...well, they don't do coffee like we do, but they do have coffee...espresso...their coffee is espresso. I went into a coffee shop at the main station and asked for a coffee and they said "white or black"...I was thinking white beans (which would be raw coffee beans) or black beans (which are cooked coffee beans); but as I was wrapping my brain around what the lady was saying, she said "milk." Duh. I said "oh, white" and she said "Americano" and I said "I don't want an espresso drink, to which she replied "it's coffee," so that is what I got. Must say, the coffee here is really not too bad.

Ok, so day one (which is a continuation of the last 24 hours) I don't remember much of. I think we went "up the high street," (the main street in the town) but I didn't do much looking around, we visited the shops here. I've learned that "up the town" means we will be going to Billericay; however, "up town" means we will be visiting London.
I love best that there is not the same of everything here...there are no department stores, few franchises, and mostly you would support local businesses...I like each a piece of their own. What we know as thrift stores are called charity shops and they have the charity they support written across the door. The street is lined with charity was fun going in these places, they were highly organized...and clean. ;)

From there, Jackie and I met one of her friends for coffee (I think this coffee place is like a European Starbucks), and they have little templates that decorate your's I took a pic.

Of course, they only have one template which is the Costa (name of the shop) insignia (lower left cup-o-jo).

Later I went out to the farm where Jackie keeps her horse and saw real farm couldn't help but take was wonderful being on an actual working farm again.

The chicken followed me all over the place.

I'll have to post more about the little town of Billericay long as the clouds coverage is low. The people I am staying with go to bed early (like 10 or 11...yikes) and get up late (around 8am). I suppose I am still on University time, so I still go to bed at 2 and get up at 6. So, I have plenty of solo time to play online and get my homework done.


Joanne (The Simple Wife) said...

Hi Kate!

So glad you arrived safely and that you're having fun. I love seeing it all through your eyes and being there with you in my mind.

Keep on blogging...can't wait to see and hear more!

Much love from Denver,


beckyjomama said...

So fun - can't wait to hear more!!!

beckyjomama said...

PS - you should TOTALLY have taken the pic of the nose ring. Now I will be curious FOREVER!!!

Jackie Sue said...

Kate, thanks for stopping by :) So glad you are enjoying your trip. I was wondering when you were actually leaving. I am sure you will have many once in a lifetime experiences and I hope you blog about every one. Take care!

twinkle said...

I'll take one of those coffees please...a white one!
I am soooo jealous of you and your trip. I hope you soak up all the treasures until you're like a sponge dripping. And share pictures if you can, okay?

MelanieJoy said...

I'm so tickled and a tad jealous how you have followed your heart and dreams in doing this. I can't wait to hear of the things that lie ahead. I hope soon I can leave some things behind and follow my dreams...

Bev Brandon said...

l o v e r l y !!!!!!!!!

MelanieJoy said...

Girl, I've never had more than 6 or8 comments. When I checked in this morning...I was like 12 comments?! I cracked up...thanks for stopping by!! I pray all is well! If I don't have to go out of town this weekend I'll email! Be good =)