Saturday, August 13, 2011

Family, family, FAMILY!

So much has happened over the past two weeks I don't really know where to begin. Company has been in and out of my place, I've been running here and there, and right about now, all I am sure of is that I need some serious sleep.

Two weeks ago...maybe three...time escapes me, I received a phone call from my foster brother saying that Uncle Bob was being flown to Swedish Hospital with a brain aneurysm, and he and a cousin and Grandma were driving to Denver and asked if I had room for them. Of course I did, then he mentioned that my foster dad, his wife, and another cousin from TX was coming in too...yikes! I said I'd have to pitch some tents in the living room but that we would somehow manage. Well, most of them got hotel rooms (thank company, love family, but whew), but the cousins & my lil bro stayed with me. What a time of drama, fun, and amazing God things. :) I love my peeps so much!

So...during this visit, my 1/2 brothers girlfriend was searching for family...AND FOUND THEM!!! Woot Woot! I grew up being told my biological mother was an only child...that was probably the biggest lie I ever believed. There were 14 siblings, and 10 are still alive. I will be driving out to Oklahoma City this weekend to meet a few. For now, here are some pics of my peeps:

They started it all, my great grandpa and my grandparents:

Aren't they just amazingly gorgeous??

My Auntie Jaye, she has brought me so much joy just getting to know her. She is kind and so very loving, full of grace, and always has a kind word and open arms.

So, I'm headed out to Oklahoma City, OK this weekend, and I cannot wait to meet my biological family for the first time. There will definitely be a weekend blog, so stay tuned. :)

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