Saturday, February 2, 2008

Such a fun day!

The hills were sweeeeeeet yesterday, so I thought I would chronicle the day.
Thank goodness I was the one with the camera. :D lol

Ok, we are heading out just after 7am.

This is my ski & boarding buddy Cindy (we skip work together to get some jibbing in), I really don't jib - intentionally anyway.

Just as we thought Anthony had slept in this morning, he arrived., we're off. Now, Breckenridge really isn't that far; however, on an early Saturday morning, it seems far because it everyone on the road wants to be the first on the lifts too, so traffic is HEAVY, but tolerable. So, we're stuck in traffic, but lightly talking - not quite sure what about...something to do with my ski's and Cindy took a deep breath and said "we have to go back." To that I replied "whatever, I saw my ski's on the rack." She said again "we have to go back; I forgot my boots." I laughed and grabbed my camera for the most awesome moment of panick ever! I got the hand! I tried to load the hand for all to view, but for some reason it wouldn't upload. She wasn't very happy, as you can imagine, so I offered my counseling expertise and asked her if she would like to discuss her anger. Ok, so we are all in a better mood now after couch time with I snapped another pic on the sly. lol
She's not actually smiling...she's biting her lower lip 'cause she is still thinking we need to go back.
I know I am such a bratty friend. hee hee

Ok Cyn...I know you're reading this, so you might as well just get that blogger account and respond. What were you thinking?

Here are my guesses:

"Hmm, if we turn around now, we can get back to the house by 9am, then back to this spot by 10:30, then at least we could get some good AFTERNOON skiing in."
"With all this traffic, maybe I could jog back and catch up with them by the time they get to the first tunnel (sure wish I could remember the name of that tunnel)."
"Should I drag her on her ski's behind the jeep or just break her camera."

Anyway, I talked her in to renting boots for the day...good idea.

Anthony slept. Apparently our conversation couldn't hold his attention.


As it turns out, the rental shop was right next door to Starbucks! HOW CONVENIENT!!!! Guess what I did...

Guess what Cindy did...

Ok, pic's a little fuzzy, but I don't have a paparazzi fast action camera.

Finally we arrive. I'm in my gear and ready to run...just waiting on the Gumby's:

Pose Time

Goofy Gumby on the left,
Regular Gumby on the right.

FYI: Goofy & Regular are boarding terms for which foot you lead with. Goofy leads with right & regular with left.

Gumby refers to that little green man of long ago with a horse named Pokey...yeah, remember how Gumby walked...that's how boarders walk when on their boards.

Ok, I thought I would take you on a short jaunt with me; I created the most awesome video of our trip (with some live ski action from yours truly), but I couldn't get it posted because of it's extension (I created it in Windows Movie Maker), even You Tube couldn't post it! So I have to figure out how to convert it (that's ok, it helps me sharpen my evangelism that was a bad joke. Anyway, I'll post it as soon as I can figure it out.

So, here's the rest of our day...

Cindy and Anthony decided they were going to do some jumping, and well, I just happened to notice that Anthony caught a bit more air than Cindy did...even today, I bet Cindy is pondering how Anthony could have possibly jumped higher...not that she's COMPETITIVE or anything. Side note: I actually told her I was going to ski because when a boy is with us...she tends to get aggressive on those hills...thus the helmet too. Now, I'm all for safety, I wear my helmet every time I board, but Cindy only wears it sometimes (like when boys are with Truth is: I HAVE to ski to keep my edge on Cindy - I don't like being left behind...(yup, I've got the C* streak myself).

The guys at the gondola stop were decorating again...I thought it was charming:

Anyway, Cindy is still not over that fact that Anthony jumped higher than she did and began practicing her jumps in the parking lot....and...

WOA... Ok, either the rapture just took place, or Cindy jumped pretty high. I don't know, Anthony and I didn't want to find out, we just got in the car and left...isn't that what friends are for?
haa haa

Just kidding, we all got home safe and sound, another great day on the slopes.


Nadine said...

I would be you trying to show her the humor of things. Looks like you have a great time. I would be the friend watching on the sideline, because I can't ski. I think you rock because you can and do.

beckyjomama said...

Everytime you talk about skiing it makes me want to try again ... but then I wouldn't want my children to grow up mommy-less!!!! Looks like you had a blast with the gumbys (I love that!!!) and of COURSE you had to stop at Starbucks - are you not a siesta?!?!?!

Scarlet said...

Great pics. I need to get my family on the slopes sometime. I've only done cross country, but now I want bigger hills!

CrownLaidDown said...

I'll wait at the bottom of the slopes in the lodge by the fireplace with some coffee and a good book! Then when you need a break, let's have lunch :) That would be my idea of competing--slow and steady to win the race, the last will be first, etc....etc..

So glad y'all had a fun day!

An aggie is someone who will/is/has gone to Texas A&M (Agricultural and Mechanical, thus Aggie comes from the agricultural part).

Games soon? I can compete playing games. :)
Love ya!

Kimberly said...

Sounds like a wonderful time! I skied more when I lived in Phoenix than I have since I moved to Colorado. Sad, really. But I wasn't that good anyway and I'm not really too fond of the cold, unless their are warm, yummy drinks available--hot cocoa, tea or coffee--I like them all!

It was so nice to meet you in person last week. Hmm...week before? Times flies! Hope you have a wonderful week.