Thursday, May 29, 2008

Good For You

My sweet niece Desireé graduated last week.

This is her mom attempting to hug and pick her up at the same time. They're funny.

I traveled to Kansas to attend her graduation and spend time with the crazy family. Frances and Babs (aka Anika) rode with me; we traveled at night so Babs could sleep and wouldn't be too offended at being tied down in a car seat for 8 hours. Night travel is rough and Frances doesn't drive so I found myself pulling over every chance I got (that means an exit where no traffic was in sight) to run around the car and do jumping jacks...that afforded me another 45min of traveling with my eyes I also made a concoction that did me well for a while...I poured a half bottle of frappuccino into my gigantic coffee cup, then added a double shot espresso to the remaining frapp and slammed it, then drank my coffee...that's some good stuff...stuff to write home about. We pulled in at 3am. My sister greeted us at the door...too excited to really sleep, then we stayed up talking until 5 or so...I guess the caffeine buzz actually kicked in too late. I just love early morning chats with my sisterface...she rocks! Every other day I was up at 5 with her drinking coffee and reading the bible.

Here's Granny feeding Babs in the morning.

I also got this sweet pic with Desireé and Babs.

I left the family one day to travel to Kansas City, MO. It just so happened that my nieces bff decided to fly in for Des' graduation...only she thought Kansas City was an airport in I was ok with the travel since I wanted to visit IHOP (International House of Prayer). What an experience! They have 24/7 praise and worship and prayer there and don't even miss a beat switching teams...amazing. IHOP far exceeded my expectations. What a beautiful place. I was thinking there would be a few people there since it was the middle of the week, but I never expected over a hundred people there. There were students, business people spending their lunch hour there, moms with their children...all kinds of people gathered to pray and worship God. Even after the lunch hour there was still a good 80 people or more there. I'm thinking I am going to take a weekend and just get away there.

Later, I picked my girl Niesha up at the airport and almost missed her...she hasn't been around my house in a couple years and my mental picture still sees her in pigtails and fuzzy sweats. She's quite lovely these days. We got a little misplaced on the road 'cause I accidentally tossed the directions...tee hee oops.

The rest of the week was spent doing little things around the house to get it ready for auction, attending graduation, visiting family, attempting to get my homework done, driving back and forth to MO...stuff like was pretty busy. I got home Sunday evening and slept until Tuesday was actually up for about 2 hours on Monday. :) All that travel did me in.
Since I am posting this a bit late, I have to add that my sister got in last night and we will be moving her into her new place today...I am so excited to have her back here after about 3 years...I missed her so much! So that should bring you up to date on most of my current events...I think about keeping my blog current, but somehow life gets ya busy.
Happy days to you all!


mer said...

Hi Kate...

Sounds like you've been busy! SO glad you could spend some time with family.

Can't wait to see you at Joanne's.


beckyjomama said...

Ohhhhh, Kaaaatttteeee - I missed you so much! You're my favoritest blggy buddy and I was startin' to think you fell off the earth.

So glad you are ok.

Yeah, my mom and dad were in your neck of the woods when the tornado hit. They were in Littleton at my uncle's house (near the Cherry somethin' mall?!?!). Where abouts are you? Maybe I will have to make up an excuse to visit. tee hee!

Is Babs the baby that was with you a few months ago?

HIS Daughter said...

My sweet, always faithful sister, Kate.

I so need to catch up with you! You quietly come by my blog and check on me and I've been so busy I haven't taken time to check in on you and that is no excuse!

I am going to read blogs I missed and yours is going to be first and I will be a better sister!

You are a rock! A strong woman who is true to her word. I am thankful you were brought into my life.

More later....blessings and praise to our GOD and Father!!

Nadine said...

Life does get busy and you have been for sure. I'm glad you touch base because you are missed.

That's wonderful news about your sister - it's great to family close by.

MelanieJoy said...

Hey Girl! What a great trip! Glad you were able to go and enjoy!
Hope this finds you doing well!

beckyjomama said...

So, I noticed that ya signed up for the Bible study at the motherblog (LPM) and you are going solo. I am doing it with a friend, but if ya wanted to do it via email, I would be in with ya!!!
Let me know:)