Monday, May 5, 2008

Awesome Weekend!!!

I have to say, I had such an awesome weekend! Last week was so hectic that I had no time to get things done, so I approached Friday with much anxiety. I had papers to write, a house that desperately needs cleaning (...hello...Merry Maids!), and packing for the weekend to do. I had been sick for the past 3 weeks trying to get over the flu and being able to do little else but sleep. When my alarm went off Friday at 4:30 am, I had still accomplished nothing and now had no time to do it. So, I prayed that when my parents (along with everyone else who has a key) pulled into town this weekend that they wouldn't swing by my place to check in on me...woo they would be concerned! Then I hastily packed my clothes and ran out the door...then ran back in to make sure my cats had enough food...whew...if I were a mom, I would have forgotten the children; as it was, I forgot my bible and journal.
Anyway, I left work a couple hours early to trek on down to the Springs for a Beth Moore conference. I stayed with Holly to save on the commute...what a blessing! (By the way, she typed up some pretty good notes on her blog...check it out). We got there early and stood in the FREEZING cold for a about an hour before the doors opened and tried to provide some huddle warmth for an elderly lady waiting in line...she was so precious...drove from Lake City to be there (I love Lake City...I took my nieces camping there when they were younger 'cause I love it so much). From the moment the conference began to the moment it ended, I was in awe. It was as if every word was being prophesied over me, or guiding me, or convicting me...and the WORSHIP!!!! OHHHHH!!!! I was a mess! It's measurably good by how much makeup remains on the face. I had to calm myself down a couple times 'cause I was about to take off. I know Beth said everyone worships differently and it's ok, but I felt like Hammy from Over the Hedge, and when the team started singing "come running, come running...," I promise you, I tried to convince myself that I could run as fast as Hammy around the arena and no one would even notice! I contained myself, but Woooo, it was GOOOOOOD!
Saturday, the conference ended at noon, but we all went out to eat and fellowship afterward...I spilled my water all over the table...that was exciting...can't take me anywhere! I must add that when Holly and I went back to her house, we played some Whodunnit and I won! haa haa Now generally I don't brag, but her and her hubby are so smart, logic and strategy just ooze from their'm lucky! haa haa So, I have to rub it in. I left that evening 'cause I needed to write a paper, and in my rushing to pack, I also forgot the paper I had been writing out and didn't want to have to think anymore. ;)
Sunday evening I went to a girlfriends house and watched because of the revival that is going on in Florida. I don't have, and neither does she, but we watched it on her laptop and chatted and were amazed at what is going on, and we chatted some more and then prayed for each was the perfect end for a perfect weekend.
I am still in awe over all I received from the conference. I left some fear behind as I walked away from that arena and I am anticipating life like never before.


beckyjomama said...

Oooooohhhhh Girlfriend. I am seriously covetous of your weekend! You saw my PBFF Beth Moore!!!!!!!!! I wanna be you!

So, yeah ... still trying to get to the Fiesta. Just about had my hubby talked into it. Then I wrecked his car yesterday. Now we gott a pay the $500 deductable. That may cause me to take about a thousand steps backward.


beckyjomama said...

just re-read it.

Hammy.... running .... giggle!

MelanieJoy said...

Girl I could tell by the comment you left this morning that you were running about the speed of Hammy. I'm soooo glad you enjoyed and were filled to the brim. I hope you walked out today with a fresh new energy- on so many levels. Glad you guys were able to exchange hugs for me. My lip is so dragging because I'm going to miss
San Antonio.

CrownLaidDown said...

It was so awesome to share the weekend with you, friend!!

You won, you won the BB gun! We lost, we lost the applesauce :)

Praying you go and take the ground God has prepped for YOU!

Nadine said...

You have been busy and sick - not a good combo.

Sounds like Beth Moore was awesome. I'm glad it was a blessing.

I know someone who is down in FL for the revival - they are having a great time.

connorcolesmom said...

Kate I jsut sent your e-mail confirmation for the Siesta Fiesta
Let me know if you get it or if you dont :)
God bless,

Kimberly said...

Sounds like a wonderful time! Wish I could have been there. I hope you are feeling 100% better!

Nadine said...

Hey, I just wanted to pop back in and say if you want to email me you can at:

Kimberly said...

Hi! So glad I'll see you next month at Joanne's. Looking forward to it!

Kimberly said...

Hi! So glad I'll see you next month at Joanne's. Looking forward to it!

Little Steps Of Faith said...

So thanks for telling me you still blog! Love you!