Sunday, December 21, 2008

More of London

Entering London, the first thing one notices is the writing on the road. I think it is very kind of them to do this, after all, they don't have to...we don' In spite of the giant directions printed on the road, I can't tell you how many times I looked the opposite way.

I went to London for the weekend. I initially was invited to a retreat in the country, but I then received an invitation to speak at a church in Harlow the same weekend, so I opted to stay in London rather than retreat...I am sooo glad I did too.
I stayed at the Cumberland near the Marble Arch on Oxford St. I actually went to Hotels Direct and booked through was a bit scary because they tell you that they are offering you a four-star hotel at this awesome rate, but they also say they can't tell you what hotel it is until you actually confirm and pay for your stay. I took a deep breath and did it. Now, I am a more traditional person...I was really hoping for antique furniture and such, but that's not exactly what I got. It was a pretty cool hotel room, but I am glad I was not with anyone. The bathroom was frosted glass...not too frosted could see right through the shower of course was glass...I'm surprised the toilet wasn't just remember being soooo nervous that I was going to wake up late and the hotel staff was going to come in while I was in the shower...or It was small...I think they call it a twin room which is smaller than a single room, but they made great use of the space, and even though I am not fond of contemporary decor, I did enjoy my room. The main level had a hopping night club which woke me up around 12am, so I got up, got dressed, and went for an evening stroll around the streets of was beautiful, and alive still. People shop at all hours there. I didn't stay out long; I got back around 1:30 and went to bed.

This used to be at the entrance of Buckingham Palace, but now it is the entrance to Hyde Park.

I am a pretty curious person. When I travel, I just like to go wherever and see whatever happens before my eyes; but, I have to say, this was one of the creepiest streets I walked down.
On the left is a picture of some kind of bird bath looking thing. It was in a little bank nook where they housed their ATM, I'm still a bit creeped out 'cause this street had so much Gothic architecture mixed with strange religious-yet-non religious symbolism, a ton of Masonic stuff, then as I left that nook, just up the street I happened to look at sign on the side of a building...that is the picture on the right. I was ready to find another street at that

Another thing I love to do is walk down alleys and through open can find the neatest stuff in the nooks and crannies of London. This picture is in an alleyway off Oxford Street...there was a sign just beyond the archway that looked like it was saying "hi" and welcoming me The cutest restaurants were down that alleyway and a couple shops.

TEMPLE BAR - The gateway to the city of London


Sorry about the blurred tube sign. St Paul's was such an incredible church. I sat through one of their services...didn't do communion though...I haven't sipped from a community chalice in a VERY long time and all I could think of was a flashing memory of seeing floaters in the wine when I was a little girl...traumatic I tell ya, but I can respect those that went forward.
Now, I half expected to see a little old lady sitting on the steps of St Paul's and singing feeeeed the birds...toppins a bag, BUT, all I got was the site of some peeps kicking back and enjoying the day. I did go inside, but couldn't take pictures, so I purchased postcards...even the postcards did not do the place justice. I have one post card of a black and white picture of London burning all around St Paul's, but St Paul's remained untouched. From what I understand, the reason is because Hitler gave orders not to bomb it...he was saving the Church for himself...along with Buckingham Palace. I had coffee in the Crypt...mmmm.

Something huge was going on here this day...there were tons of people's and such. I so wanted to know, but never found out.


As I wondered somewhere around the vicinity of the hotel, I found the cutest little school building.

More Old Buildings

That's about it for my journey to London. My next post will finish up with pics of the other parts of my UK trip.


Holly said...

Oh Kate, I have missed you! I missed your last post b/c it didn't show up on my updates for some reason.

Wow--I wish I could have seen London with my own eyes, but I am so glad to see it through yours!

AND I have meant to call, but have been sick with a nasty cold. I am much better now. Maybe we can get together next weekend or the following weekend? The whole gang would be SO HAPPY to have Miss Kate over!!

beckyjomama said...

I am soooo loving you tours! And I am so oooooooo loving that you are back! Missed you friend!

If ya wanna new look hit me up!