Sunday, December 21, 2008

Other Parts of the UK

I have not been real fond of posting a ton of pictures...they take forever, so I have just chosen a few of my favorites from the rest of my journey.

I went to a bunker here which was so incredibly creepy. They kept it the same as it was when they were planning on using it. It was hidden in a bunch of trees and was underground of course, so it was musty. Beds hung on the wall on one side, and battery operated radiation packs hung on the other side of the hallway. The place was huge, it had a hospital, offices, men's sleeping quarters, women's sleeping quarters, officers quarters...everything.


I went to Colchester Castle. It was built on temple Claudius. This is where I learned some interesting stuff. I took so many pictures of churches during my trip to the UK, and one thing I noticed was this:
Not too many churches (at least the traditional and older churches) have any Christian symbolism in them. I also was told, and I can believe it from my experience with people I met, only 3% of GB's population are actually true Christians. Many people worship as "the king" would worship, and worship the king, therefore making them Christians by default (I guess). Anyway, king worship is a way of promoting loyalty to the "imperial family."

Anyway, back to Colchester. At the castle I learned that Emperor Claudius kicked the bucket and temple Claudius was built to worship him as a god, but others saw the temple as a tyrannical and the natives got restless...and kicked Roman booty (led by one irate woman, Boudica. I nicknamed her Bootykick). There is actually a movie about Boudica...they had the chariot from the movie in the was awesome.

This was the most fascinating part of the castle. It was the dungeon where people accused of operating in witchcraft were taken to be tortured until they gave up names of people with whom they associated who were witches. They had recordings of people praying in the night and they cast shadows on the wall of broke my heart.

After the castle we went to an artsy little cafe next to a GORGEOUS clock museum.

This is a scone with clotted cream and strawberry preserves. We would call it a biscuit, but never in my life have I ever had clotted was divine.
Tymperleys Clock closed just as I walked up to check it out.


Chelmsford is a huge shopping town. It has an outdoor mall like I've never seen before. The shopping there was fantastic. It's not the same old stuff at every different place you go...everything is unique. Now there were a few chains...but not many. I actually found a store that I had never heard of before (because I haven't visited Bolder Colorado in ages) called Lush. It has beauty supplies that are all natural...I loved it...and they were cheap...even in

Of course I was wandering down some alleyways there and spotted this lovely church:


There were a couple things I loved about my visit to Stock; I could walk through the entire town in about 30 min, and it was beautiful.
I went to a lady's home there and was invited to drink tea in her chapel. Yes, she had her own chapel in her yard. Chapels there are not what one would think of here. Chapels there are places where boy scouts would meet...not a place to have church. She had OLD diary's and photo's of boy scout was great to go through them. I saw a picture on the wall which reminded me of what boy Scout's used to be about...I took a picture of's not that great, but it is a picture of Jesus with his hand on the shoulder of a boy scout.

This is an old church in Stock that I absolutely was made with so many different was fabulous!

This was the best. I was sooooo very homesick from week 2. Then I met up with some people from an organization I belong to and they made me feel so at home and maybe even a little more homesick in a good way. It was hands down the best time I had in my visit to Europe. I saw a different side to pastoral I haven't seen since I was a teen in a Baptist church in a very small town. My first trip, after service Pastor Patrick Zimba invited me over to his house for tea...which meant...full on dinner. After dinner we talked, then went out to some homes of people in his congregation to pray for them. I will never forget...Pastor Zimba said "we visit my people when they cannot come to church. They like to visit for a long time, and we have people to see, so we will have to go in and bless them (pray over their family) and leave. I'll let you do that." GULP...did he just tell me that I have to pray over these people. Once I calmed down from the shock of having to pray over people I don't know, I readily accepted my duties. Then I got into the house. IT WAS LIKE CHURCH ALL OVER AGAIN. There were like 3 different families in one house...can someone turn on the air 'cause I'm about to pass out! I survived and actually enjoyed it. Then we went to the next house, then we went It was great...I lost. lol

I was invited back the next week to speak. I was a bit nervous...I talk fast when I'm nervous, but I made it through. Then we went to lunch and as we were waiting Pastor Zimba pulled me and another couple out and said "we have to go." It was the oddest thing, so I replied "is this a mandatory fast." hee hee We left and went to another family's house to pray for a young lady there, then went to eat. I watched Pastor Zimba take another couple under his wings and begin to teach them different was so odd, but so beautiful, and so real.

Pastor Patrick Zimba, Me, Apostle Shinkolo (from Zambia)

I gave up my vegetarian ways for a chicken dinner. I was informed that in Africa, a chicken dinner is a way to show a special occasion or an honorable gesture. I felt honored, and was honored, in so many ways.

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