Sunday, January 4, 2009


Gotta love these things.

7 Random/Weird facts

1. I have a high tolerance for physical pain, but will cry rivers at a sad movie.

2. I was kidnapped from my foster home at 4 and grew up with the alias Kathy Jones; thus, I despise being called Kathy.

3. I have issues with cutting my hair short (I cry if it is cut above my shoulders), but I often think that my 40th birthday will spur me on to shorter hair...that's the year I'll be

4. I was adopted as an adult.

5. October 9, 2003 I was given just a few hours to live (see #1; I ignored my pain for a year)...I'm still alive.

6. Isaiah 54 is my favorite chapter in the bible.

7. My goal this year is to have my long awaited home for homeless teens fully functioning...stay tuned. ;)

I don't really know 7 taggable people, so I will just have to break the rules and say...if you stop by, play along.


Nadine said...

Wow... maybe it's just me, but numbers 2, 4 and 5 need further explanation.

I'm glad that your survived all that has happened to you. The home is a wonderful idea. I pray that happens sooner rather than later. I can't wait to hear more about that.

I think you are a remarkable woman.

GratefulinGA said...

I just deleted 'kathy' from my nickname for recall some of this from our time in SA...not all, but my goodness girl we got us some 'shoes' uh? Prayin for yours-will you lift mine up?

You are one amazing woman Kate!
You blow me away, crack me up and I can not wait to hear the good news of your girls home opening.

hugs dear Siesta,

Kate said...

Oh man...explanations! Well, #1 you can read about in my very first blog was my biological mother that took us and changed our names so we wouldn't be found by the system.

#4: I moved to Colorado in '89...right out of high school to go to college. I met a girl named Beth at church...she didn't think I could speak, so she tried talking to me in sign language...I could actually speak, I just never did except Yes, No, Please, and Thank You. She took me to her house for lunch and her family asked me to live with them. So I moved in. Later they said they always wanted to adopt me but were too afraid to ask me, then some legal issues came up and they said "you've always been our daughter, can we make it legal." So we did. My legal name is Stoker-Consolver, but it's too long to use, so I just use Stoker.
#5: I had a gallstone lodge in my pancreas and my pancreas digested itself through the center causing severe acute pancreatitis, jaundice head to toe, and extremely high blood sugar. I ignored the pain for so long that when I went into the ER I was near death and surgery would have been certain death. So, the doc gave me 3 hours to live and a lot of morphine to make my transition a fairly painless one. I lived through the night, so the doc gave me 3 days to live. Once I passed 3 days (I don't remember any of those days.) They said I would live but I was to be in the hospital for 3 months. Day 6 my pastors wife/prayer partner came in to pray for me and I remember being conscious from there out, and was home in 2 weeks (though it took longer to heal).

beckyjomama said...

OK, we totally need to chat more ... or, ya know - EVER! You, my friend, have stories to tell!!!

Chris Whetzel said...

I too want to hear more about #5. There is some real "God Stuff" buried in this experience...I am sure!