Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Saying Goodbye

I couldn't help myself...she's sooooooooo precious!

Tomorrow my niece is moving to Ohio to live with her boyfriend. My heart is broken! I've spent two weeks (since I found out) in tears praying my guts out for a change of no avail. I don't understand the lifestyle, I don't understand the mindset, I don't understand knowing Christ and justifying sin. I offered to marry them before they left Colorado, but that was met with silence. Maybe I'm harsh, maybe one could even call me judgmental, but there's my stuff...maybe I need to work on it...maybe not.

I'll miss my Bab's most of all! I'll miss our dancing together, our praying together, I'll miss the way she sings Holy Spirit Raaaiiiinnnnnn Dowwoooooooonnnn. I'll miss her Saturday morning snuggles in Auntie's feather bed...and her good morning hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi's 'till I finally peek at her and shower her with a hundred morning kisses, I'll miss the way she holds my face in her tiny hands, and I'll miss holding her's in mine. I hope she will always remember that Auntie loves her more than anything on this earth. AND, I hope and pray, and will continue to pray, that she never forgets how to worship! She loves her some WORSHIP! She always comes to my house and grabs her favorite cd, Hillsong You Shine, so tonight I went out and bought her a music and story book FP3 player and loaded the cd on it.

I don't have much else to say...for now my heart just weeps 'cause I'm already missing her.


Nadine said...

It's not easy to watch people we love do things contrary to our beliefs and theirs. I've been there. I'm praying.

twinkle said...

I think you were right in telling her what she needed to hear. Every one needs that kind of person in their lives. Warning her but doing it with love. You did good, my friend.
Thanks for coming by my blog. Glad to see you are back writing here. I love your posts.

beckyjomama said...

I really wanna hug you right now ... I am so sorry you are hurting - and knowing that the choices being made are not in the best interest of the most innocent parties just makes it all the harder.
Praying for you all!

And lovin YOU!

Holly said...

Still thinking about our good visit...and praying for your girls--these moving away and those God will bring to your dream.

sheila said...

That's rough! My sister just moved from Ohio to Houston. And I live in Ohio. Great state! She'll do well here!