Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tasting the Flavor of Life

Well, the every day thing is obviously not working, so I thought I would post something before daily became weekly, then get the picture. I suppose once a week is a decent quest...I'll try promises though.
Panera offers the perfect place to eat lunch and blog (I love Panera), so that is exactly what I am doing. I have on my plate a most delicious chipotle turkey or chicken (I don't know) sandwich. This sandwich is so spicy, but equally balanced. I couldn't help but wonder what life would taste like if it had a flavor. Kind of strange I know, but I thought about prayers going up to God as a sweet smelling fragrance...come to think of it, aren't we the "salt of the earth"...that's what Matthew 5:13 says. Now I know it's more of a metaphor, but really, do we spice life up?
If I had to choose my flavor, I think I would like to be a chipolte pepper...just like the one on my has such a sweet flavor, but in a few minutes, you get all fired up after chewing it. Ah, yes, that would be nice; unfortunately, I'm more of an avocado...I'm a bit flavorless without salt, but with salt and maybe some chili and tomato's and a touch of lime...I'm off and running...can't stop the flavor. Yes, that's it...avacado...I also have a pit of life within me ready to go...waiting to be suspended above the water to reach my fullest potential. Hmmm, come to think of it, I wonder if I am ripe or over-ripened with those little stringy roots trying to achieve life within its little scope of being.
Anyway, just rambling on, but it's fun. So, what is the flavor of life? Nacho's...a little meaty, sometimes a bit cheesy (like now) with a touch of cream and spice on top?


Holly said...

Just to let you know, as I have been doing the laundry the past couple of days, I have remembered your dream and have prayed for it constantly. Hope you have a day that is close with Him, friend. You are a treasure.

Bev Brandon said...

thanks and my love!
at least today i didn't wake up sobbing.
no plan of His can be thwarted.