Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Catching Up

Ok...so let me think back to February, when I actually posted last, and try to remember what has been going on.
*sisterface moved in: that was at the beginning of February. She thought she was going to be moving into a house soon, so why not...4 months later...lol. I actually love having her here. She makes my coffee in the morning, provides conversation that doesn't consist of the usual "feed me" mew I receive from my cats. She should be closing on her house next month; I think I may need to find a roommate...it's gonna be lonely.
*computer was captured by aliens: in all my days of Internet surfing I have never seen so many Internet windows open so fast! Before they could finish destroying my computer, I grabbed all the wires and yanked...it's actually quite fun...try it the next time you don't know what in the world is happening to your computer (every day is a bit extreme though).
*the geeks kicked puter thermoplastic and took back what belonged to me: took all my money in the process.
*had to get a job: This was actually an interesting thing. I knew I would be out of work for 6 months, and planned accordingly...I spoke with people who are leaders over me, and whom I dearly respect, and they were ok with that as well. Still, I continually put in applications and resume's during those months, and at times was fairly upset that no one was responding to my 200+ attempts to seek employment. Why was I upset when I knew I'd be out of work or 6 months? Well, 'cause I think I'm all that sometimes...lol. Seriously, I wanted people to want me even if I didn't want them (try not to judge here...just confess...lol). Yeah, my pride got hurt; however, month 7 made up for it.
*got a job: It's actually great to be working again. I am working as a temp to hire (they call it a "working interview") at an electronics company in their accounting department. I know I let you all in on my future plans, and I am still going ahead...just moving slower than planned.
*graduated: finally...after 5 years. I thought for sure I would graduate in 2008, but stuff and more stuff happens. I'm done though! So, since that is the most important news, here are some photo's of the big day...gotta introduce you to my peeps:

Was walking out with the class and Dad jumps out in front of me and snapped a pic. Goofy pic, but Dad's rock!

Dad, me, and mom. Now I know I don't look like them. I am adopted...they are the greatest peeps!

Sisterface, me, & my niece Desi.

Me on my cell phone of course. My Sylvia (pastor's wife) and of course, my pastor were there, so I was trying to figure out where they were so they could meet my folks and so I could get a picture with them; however, while I was hunting them down, mom and dad took off. Someone else has a pic with me and Sylvia (& Pastor Phil...lol), I just have a picture of me talking to her.

So my good friend Neddra (the little yellow dot in the center of the picture...lol) missed my graduation because she had to "work"...she lied...and I think still needs to repent. Meanwhile she was pulling together a surprise party. When I got back in my car ('cause I thought we were going to a restaurant...and we were burning daylight waiting) they all came outside to surprise me. Was pretty awesome!

This is my mentor Joyce Works. She is such an awesome woman - doesn't mess around - I do. Incredible testimony, steadfast faith, powerful! Only once in my life have I ever met someone who oozes the Word of God like she does. I am sooo priveleged to have her as my mentor.

This is my friend Pam. Her words are forever uplifting!

Me & Babs (she's grown huh), Desi, Siserface, Frances (aka JoJo). My biological family. It looks like we all tested the punch before the party got started, but I assure you, we all just naturally look that goofy!

Ms Kaycee, center stage. She's a blast! The friendliest person you'll ever meet.

My niece Alex, my sis Beth, and bro in-law Sam.

Good Times...Good Times!


Nadine said...

Congratulations on your graduation! Way to go. Loved the picture of you and the family.

beckyjomama said...

You've been a busy, busy girl and I have missed ya like crazy - never more thankful fof Facebook!!!

LOVE YOU and am sooooo stinkin proud of ya!!!

Donna @ Way More Homemade said...

Congratulations on your graduation! And the job, too!

GratefulinGA said...

I feel so rotten having missed so much - your graduation, job your sister (are y'all twins???)
Congratulations girl! How very exciting! So sooo proud of you!
several big ol squishy hugs!!