Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Psalm 19 Interpretive

As one looks around, everything in this earth loudly exclaims the existence of God. From the skies to the sea, from the north to the south, and from the east to the west; it all shows His intricate workmanship. Man does his best to understand and even sometimes replace God through scientific endeavors. There is so much about His creation that man will never know, even languages that don't have a name yet. Our need to know got out of control causing God to put law into place to establish a social norm of acceptable behavior to keep society protected and in order. The law represented His wisdom which is our protection and guide. A light unto our feet that keeps us from falling, as Psalm 119:105 describes. It was also established to show man how impossible it is to be perfect and how much we need God. Following the law created a type of perfection or standard of righteousness, as much as could be obtained by man in his own power. It was a way to bridge the gap between God and free him, in essence, because Christ was not yet on the scene. The statutes (laws as well) were put in place to witness (sort of a contract by God) that when the law is followed, God will in turn do for man, causing people of lower classes to be sit among princes (Psalm 113:8). The psalmist understood all this and desired from deep within to follow God's ways. He was pleased when he looked upon God's awesome creation, but even more so, he longed to in turn be just as pleasing in the eyes of God.

Take a look around, the color, splendor, decor of the skies
To say there is no God; what's left but to die
God's work, perfection, flawless protection, that no man can deny
What man can understand what God has planned
Knowledge? I laugh at your futile attempt to college
Racing fast, trying to understand the past
While the stars in the sky sing through the night
Don't ask...don't tell, study your way into hell
Man is a god? What don't you understand?
Your attempt to know is so far below
Relax...take a breath.
Byzantine, Habe, Landa, telugu
Some of the dialects in which you may not have a clue
And yet the heavens have heard them all
Limitless, endless, infinite sound pouring out from the sea to ground
He contained the light and makes it obey
It gives us sustenance throughout the day
Conscious, confident, adorned in light
Stepping out from its rest and erasing the night
As a new day begins what is necessary to find
Just a touch of peace to our daily grind
Take the new day on with style and grace
Fight the good fight and finish the race
Stunning smile of warmth coming from the east
Setting in the west, we're blind to the rest
For it makes a full circle and rises again
While we slept it touched the earth from end to end
From sin to God, He had to make way
From death to life, man had to obey
Structure, discipline, rules so profound
It had to be right, for God is sound
In this is a witness between God and man
To trust Him for His word is true,
He'll never fail to care for you
Even regarding the lowest class
He makes them wise and the wise an ass
To follow the law was not just a show
It produced good results so that man might know
The promise of mercy that wouldn't depart
A gift of eternal gladness of heart
His commandments are brilliant, from one to ten
Transparent, definite, and simple for all men
Opening the eyes and causing to see
The promises of God will never cease
Untainted holiness, steadfast and true
His ways were set for reasons few knew
There was never a time He didn't come through
We don't seem to understand
Because we are driven by demand
Status this day is what we adore
Selling ourselves to keep the score
To follow His ways, how invaluable I'm told
How precious, exquisite, and sweet to behold.
They keep us true, and safe from harms way
In our mindless hustle it can guide through the day
Failing to hold fast to instruction with keeping power
Forget not the benefits He provides by the hour
We can't even fathom the mistakes that we've made
Yet I hide in the shame and cower in the shade
Things I forgot in my conscious and sub
Things that await His cleansing blood
Willful sin in which I dive in
Unconscious, moronic, brainless and vague
To them, please keep me from being enslaved
Blameless, pure, righteous, set free
Innocent of all in which I'm really guilty
My desire is to speak only that which You have brought
Sanctify my words, my actions, my thoughts
Christ is the only one who redeems
The one and only that can make me clean.


Holly said...


This is beautiful! I love your heart, friend. See you Saturday, OK?


Kimberly said...

Just checking in to see how you are doing. :)

Kimberly said...

Back again.
Miss you!

Bev Brandon said...

A light to my feet that keeps me from falling.
The only ONE Who can keep me clean. I'll remember both of those words!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks so much for the comment.

Monica Chadwell said...

Hi Kate ...!!

Thanks so much for your post on my blog. SO good to hear from you. ;-)

I LOVE this poem! It's absolutely beautiful, and reflects so well our constant seeking and dying to self so God can reign! Wow!!!

GratefulinGA said...

what an awesome post! i am God bumpy all over :D