Monday, June 18, 2007

Love (The Samaritan Woman)

I posted this in my HisHolySpace, but I thought I would share it with my fellow friendly google bloggers. :) I'm kinda stuck on the Samaritan woman. It's kind of funny, but years back I posed as her for Marilyn Hickey's Outpouring Magazine....Just so I don't get into trouble, it was February 1991 Volume 14, No.2. Dang...that was 16 years ago...yikes. Check this out...then hee hee hee and now...wooo must be the living water 'cause I haven't aged a bit (shhh...just let me believe that).

Anyway...on to my blog...


What an awesome verb. How we claim to know how to show love, yet we fall short way too often. To say we accept and forgive is simple…to show it…not so simple.
Over the past eight weeks I have been pulled to John 4…stepping away and being pulled right back. It preaches like no other! I’ve learned about worship, seeking the lost, and love so deep that God sets aside the wrong done and fully embraces the undeserving.
Here’s my personal assessment pulled from my complete exegesis of John 4:4-26 (email me if you are interested in reading the entire thing…it’s pretty long, but awesome if I do say so myself):
The passage of the Samaritan woman is not just a portrayal of what Jesus did, but rather John writes about who Jesus is. Knowing the struggle that lay between the Jewish people and the Samaritans, Jesus entered Samaria with a purpose…they too were God’s people and he had to draw them back into fellowship with the Lord. Today, Jesus is the bridge that connects everyone to God. It is all too easy to take on judgments of other people neglecting the fact that they too belong to God. Jesus met the Samaritan woman where she was. Sure, she walked up to the well, but Jesus brought her to a level of reality that said he knew her and still accepted her. We all have baggage that we carry, but Jesus meets us in the midst of our everyday life and gives us a free gift of eternal life.
When Jesus explained to the Samaritan woman the life he had to offer, he didn’t tell her to go to Jerusalem to worship there because he was not concerned about the place of worship, but rather the condition of her heart. It is so important that we are not in a game of leading people to Christ simply to populate the house of God, because we are the temple; 1 Cor 3:16 says “[d]on't you know that you yourselves are God's temple and that God's Spirit lives in you?” Relationship with Christ, as we see in this story, does not begin at a place of worship; it begins within the heart.
Though the focus of drawing the unbeliever to Christ is not to lead them to a church home, it is important to be in fellowship with people of like faith. Today religion is a plethora of whatever goes. Reality is no longer truth because truth is subjective. Many Christians today are being led away from the Christian faith to fit into the mold of the modern practices of worship which are no longer about the Lord, but about how we feel. The church of the United States, which prides itself on diversity, has passively sat by and allowed religious diversity to spill into the church just as the king of Assyria had planned for Samaria. Samaria knew the Messiah after Jesus’ meeting with the woman at the well, but their customs drew them back. Later, in Acts, we see Philip going into Samaria to preach the Gospel; without constant edification in the things of God, it is natural to slip back into the life we once knew.
God is love, and yet so many times we thrive on hate. Please be aware that every seeker can see through any pretentious stance we may carry. It is so important that we stay humble, that we not fear the rejection of people who have different cultural standards, that we view no one as less than - because we are all God’s children. What greater act of worship can we give God but to present Him with the sacrificial obedience of walking in love and reaching out…just as Jesus did…to those enticed away from the things of God in order to fit societies mold. That love that we pour out may transfer from one person to an entire city.


CrownLaidDown said...

May the Glory of the Lord rise among you, Girl! Praying for your weekend with Him.
Love ya,

Little Steps Of Faith said...


Hey, I am changing your name, you are more a KAT then a Kate, sorry, you will just have to deal with it lol:-)
Anyways, sorry, its taken so long to contact you, I will try to email later on.
You are such a fun person, and you have no idea what ANY friendship means to me at this time of my life.
I look forward to speaking to you more.
I have some friends that lived in CO, maybe you know them: Valerie Haile, Charlotte Wilkinson, and Amalia Maloney.
I haven't been in touch with Amalia in many years, but you may know her.

BTW I loved your blog, that story of the Samaritian woman is such a great one for all of us.
And your helped portray it well:)

We will talk soon girlie:)
Be Blessed:)


Leah said...


Thanks for your comment on my blog. I loved your thoughts on the Samaritan woman. I have been such a prodigal in my past life that I can identify with so much of her story. I had to laugh at your dating escapades as they brought back many memories. I certainly made many poor choices in my dating life but thankfully Jesus offers complete forgiveness. Stay faithful to Him my friend. You will never be sorry. Have a great week. In His Hand,


beckyjomama said...

THat is AWESOME my fellow Siesta!!! Maybe Beth should hire ya!!!! Thanks for the comment on my blog, I would be SO interested in your comments on your adoption... We were just picked by a birth mom, so here we go again!!! God is sooooo good!! I am so blessed by His ever constant outpouring of love!!!
God Bless ya Siesta!

Nikki said...

Hi Kate! Thanks for your comment! Great to know that there are other single gals out there. I also noticed that you and I have the same interest in movies. I mean, you mentioned Spitfire Grill! Most people I've talked to haven't even heard of the movie. And Julie Andrews is my most favorite! I actually got to meet her last Thanksgiving!
Okay, well, Im going to have to run because I am at work!! Talk to you again soon!

beckyjomama said...

Hey - thanks for the ideas for Hattie's room. I am a little creative and have drawn up a possible mural, but need someone a bit more artsy for the actual execution. My Hubby and I are going shopping today to pick accessories and then I will hopefully have a better idea of the gist of it all (is gist a word? hmmmmm). The stores are starting to close out the beachy summer stuff so we will hopefully get there in time for a sale, but not so late that we get stuck with the "leftovers"! The projector idea is great though - I will use that for sure. Thanks Siesta!!