Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Mind...A Terrible thing in Haste

One more class down, three to go. Missed y'all...I tried to pop in when I could to see what you were all up to. Mel, thanks for your support, prayer, encouragement, and listening eyes...glad you're my friend.

So I have been slightly out of character recently and decided to start listening to what I am thinking. I think many people have lots of thoughts going through their mind, but never really listen to what they are saying to themselves. I thought I would share with you an early morning thought process I had. Now, if any of you thought I was nice...well, my apologies to you...I try for the most part, but I believe my mean neurons get a little overly charged at times and take a road trip to the deep dark forest of my mind. This short story is evidence of such road trip:

There is a 2.7 mile stretch from Peoria St down Mississippi Avenue which I take every morning to work. The first mile and a half is fairly easy going. I hit my first stop light at Havana St. The traffic light is not there to allow other traffic through, indeed not. It is there for a few other reasons...like...making sure I didn't leave anything at home in case I need to pull a U, or so I can plug my ipod in, or to give me a minute to check my hair, but the most important reason for that traffic light is so I can slowly look to my left...and then to my right...to see if I have any worthy opponents to take on my 4-cylinder hoopdie for the next 1.2 miles. Most people just look straight ahead pretending they aren't feeling the pressure...but I see beyond their zoned expression.

When I was a teen, we used to play a video game called Pole Position in which we reved our engines until the final tone called out our green light...then we were off. Well, traffic lights don't have the beep, but they did place a countdown on the walk signal! As soon as that red hand flashes, all eyes turn and gaze at it for the 3-2-1-0 then instantly snap back to position for the 3 second countdown to the light change. GREEN!!!! We're off! Uhh, rather...they are off...my little car is like the Little Engine that Could. My mind screams "no, they're getting ahead." I check my rearview mirror and notice the person behind me moving into the next lane over and I think "oh no you don't...you were behind me...you're staying behind me." I pick up the pace...35, 45, 50, 51...suddenly I find myself passing my initial stop light opponents...my mind laughs out loud because I know they fear that cop around the corner...I know no fear and chance that (uh 16 miles over the speed limit) ticket as I flick my hair on the way past them. Now, to cut them off so I can be the first to Leetsdale. My mind whispers "yeah, don't mess with me," then panick strikes..."oh, please don't look at the sticker of the girl kneeling before the cross that I have on my back window, oh please please please" but the guilt still doesn't lead me to repentance, and I dare not tell the Lord I won't do it again, for that would be a lie. My mind is seared from the rubber I burned a mile back...ahhh but...I won this time! Suddenly the rush is over and everyone settles back to normal speed because no one is really in a hurry, we all just want to be the first to Leetsdale.


CrownLaidDown said...

You are a hoot!!

Sorry we missed paths in talking a couple of weeks ago--our lives went into fast pace over the past two weeks. Now it is slowing down again. Let's talk soon--OK?

Praying for you friend!

beckyjomama said...

Ya can't fool me - I know you are really nice. I have to believe that cause saying you aren't would be admitting that I (who do the same things in a SUV full of children with a fish, a cross and a "girl for God" decal on the back!!) am not nice either.
And I am nice ... I really AM!!!

I missed ya friend and it is so nice to hear from ya again!!!
Becky Jo

Nadine said...

Great post. That's why I've taken those stickers off the back of my car. :)

Seriously, this is an area that God has been working on me. I'm so much better now.

Monica Chadwell said...

You're hilarious, and so not alone! Nice to see you again .... ;-)

HIS daughter said...

You are too funny, Kate! I could imagine all of that road race! Great descriptive terms.
Geez, we have both been in school too long!:-)I sound like a creative writing class instructor..:-)

Thanks for taking a break and stopping by my blog. You were funny again, but actually truthful.

I do live in an area of the Bible Belt where we have lots and lots of churches and religious people, but I'm afraid at times, alot of abuse of power occurs over rules that are enforced but aren't even biblical!

I feel drawn to teach to whoever will listen the truth of HIS word as I have started to learn for myself.

Fortunately, my church is considered by the people in my area as "that place where the people with problems go"..:-)

My church is a growing church with 4 venues and 3 other locations. For our area, that is amazing.

As you might imagine, we get the people who are brave enough to "try" again and aren't allowed back into their home churches because they are "wicked".

Sad because I know firsthand that abuse. I know GOD wants me to do something about it. I feel it burning in me. I just have to wait for HIS instruction and timing.

Back to studying...another big exam tomorrow!

Prayed for you just this minute. Hang in there girl!!

Love and Prayers,

Kimberly said...

Ugh. I don't miss commuting across this city at all!

Hope you are doing well. Best of luck with all you're doing. I'm tired just reading it all!

MelanieJoy said...

Girl, you are a trip...hahaha.

CrownLaidDown said...

Oh where oh where did my friend Kate go? Oh where oh where can she be?

Praying for you Friend!

MelanieJoy said...

Hey Girl, take a break and come play...I've tagged you over at my place...Your "it"....

MelanieJoy said...

Hello....hello....is anyone in there?? Youuuu whooooo...where are you? hahaha just messing with you some. Miss ya.