Friday, January 11, 2008

Houston...Here I Come

I'm leaving for Houston today to hang out with my niece Nikki. I love Houston. I used to travel there for business and loved it so much. I would live there, but I would miss the mountains too much...and the 4 seasons. I'm not a mall person, but for some reason, I can't wait to go to the Galleria again. I have done some of the best shopping in Houston. When FAO Schwartz went out of business there, my co-worker and I purchased over $600 in toys...everything was 90% off...yes, I said it right...90%. It was so much fun, it actually cost us more to ship everything back than it did to purchase the stuff...even still, you couldn't beat the price. I din't have to purchase toys for three years. And, actually, I just gave away the last of the Star Wars action figures this past Christmas.

Ok, so I am, for the most part, an organized person. I work for Colorado Baggage & Paridise pen part time...very part time. I must keep my love for fine writing instruments and beautiful luggage at an affordable price. If I loved shoes, I would work at a shoe company; if I loved jewelry, I'd work at a jewelry company...'cause I'm pretty cheap, but I do love nice things. Anyway, there is one company I must plug here...Eagle Creek...they make the best travel accessories (which I get at around 65% off...woo hoo). Why am I telling you this??? Check this out.

Do you know I packed for the entire weekend in this 11x16x8 boarding bag. Three outfits, jammies, uhh the extra clothing bits and pieces, two pairs of shoes, and all my toiletries & cosmetics (of course those all have to be in 3oz containers in a ziplog bag...classy!). Pretty sweet huh. My helpers: 1 EC packet folder, 1 EC packing cube, and 2 shoe-ins (a must for keeping shoe grimies off the other stuff). I should be hosting some online packing seminars. Here's the #1 question I get from travelers "How do you keep your business attire from wrinkling?" I'll share a can't! lol However, there is a way to minimize the wrinkles...when you place your clothes in your suiter, wrap each item in dry cleaner bags. The constant shifting during travel is what creates the wrinkles in your clothes, but if you use drycleaning bags, your clothes are less likely to wrinkle because they aren't getting hung up on other clothes or fasteners that cause them to bunch up...and I think it may have something to do with the static that is left in those bags, but that's just my opinion.

Ok, that's all I have for now. I'm off...leaving the 40's/20's weather for 60-70's/40's weather. woo hoo...spring time in the middle of winter.


beckyjomama said...

If I worked at a store with any sort of bag available I would be done for... I LOVE me a good bag!!! My mom travels alot so she has all sorts of neat tricks and luggage goodies. When she gets a new goody I am usually the one in the background salivating and asking "watcha gonna do with the old one?" Thus, I have a TON of luggage that is all very functional but does not match. Because it does not match I am filled with angst and the everpresent feeling of inadiquacies thinking that I need more, MATCHING, luggage to make my accesory life complete. SO, needless to say, my hubby hears all about it and therefore cringes when it comes time to travel!
I am loving that bag though... do ya think it could fit the stuff needed for two littl egirls to travel? One would think - little poeople, little stuff, little bag... NOT so my friend!!! Their bags are usually the biggest of all. And then it is my husbands stuff that ends up in the small Elmo case that i thought was perfect for a little one the first time I traveled with Hattie. HA! I was such an amature!!!!
Have fun in Houston!!!!
Get warm for me!

Nadine said...

I hope you have a great visit. I'm very impressed by how much that bag holds. I can't believe it. So are they hiring?

CrownLaidDown said...

Aw, I missed seeing this before you left...I am glad you enjoyed the weather (read on the LPM blog)! How about family, friends, food and such? All good?

Miss you and will see you Wednesday? I hope so! I have a little something for ya!

Monica Chadwell said...

Hey there -
I wish I had known you were coming. Next time you're down, lets get together. Love to take you to lunch somewhere tasty!

I hope that you've enjoyed a sweet time with your niece. Love and blessings to you!


Nikki said...

I just HAD to let you know that the verse you put for your Truth on Beth's Blog, is my other verse!! I can't tell you how close I was to putting that down as my truth but lately I really have been hearing, and by hearing I mean anything I see with a verse on it, Artwork, books, anything, has the one I put from Psalms. It kinda freaked me out how often I was seeing it everywhere. I finally stopped and said, Okay God, I get it. I need to wait and not only wait but wait patiently!!
But that verse from Isaiah has meant the world to me!! Especially when I was Nannying! I wrote it on a note card and carried it in my Bible for the longest time!! Okay I will shush now!
Hope you had a great visit with your niece! She has a great name!! ;-)

MelanieJoy said...

Hope you had a great time on your trip to the South. You were only about 8 hrs from me! Take care...

HIS daughter said...

Hey Girl!

Are you back from Houston or still there?
If you are still there, you are getting wet I think! If you're back...well..welcome home and hope you had a great visit!!

It's cold here in the mountains of Virginia...brrrrrrrr...15 outside this morning and we are waiting on some snow tonight.

I wanted to tell you from your post on my blog....{{{{{{{{Kate}}}}}}}}

That's a big hug for what you went through.

We have tons and tons of drug abusers in this little mountain town in the mountains of Appalachia.

I DID NOT want to move here, but GOD wanted us to so we are here for now. My Mark and I were talking as we rode to work together this morning about the sense of depression and hopelessness and drug and alcohol abuse all rolled into one here.

The sad thing - they have church after church after church but something is not right and I am quite sure it is not GOD if you know what I mean.

Pray for this area. The children suffer and then they grow up and their children suffer and on and on.

I know I will be here until at least another year and a half and then we will move about 30 minutes away but in terms of "outlook on life" it could be 300 hours away!

I would love to discuss what you've learned in your Christian studies about this type of culture, etc.

But, we all know they need GOD and a mighty visitation not a might legalistic system.

Love ya and blessings on your studies...I'm hanging in a A far...but it's getting harder...

Prayers and Blessings..
p.s. I'm still working on "Breaking Free" of unforgiveness and the need to smack those who hurt children and abuse baggage and issues...but I will get free...YES!!

Bev Brandon said...

Hey Kate...nice bag there...just wanted to check in with my roommie...hey, I leave for Houston this Thursday to hang out with 3 women I met last year at a conference in Seattle...we are having an anniversary reunion of sorts in Houston...hope you enjoy your time! Bev

Monica Chadwell said...

Hi Kate,

Just checking in to see how you're doing. Awesome, I hope. Miss you in blogtown too. Hugs.