Saturday, January 5, 2008

These Hands...Lethal Weapons???

Welcome to the ugliest room in my house...the garage.

I turned it into a sort of gym/garage. I thought it was time for me to stop hanging my laundry on my exercise equipment and actually put it out somewhere. I also thought I would make some use of all the left over paint I's ugly. Anyway, since the winds were too strong and the temperature too cold, I didn't head to the hills for my planned ski time today...a storm is blowing in and I'm a chicken on the I-70 mountian drive during storm weather. So, I decided this morning to finally put together the Total Gym that had been sitting there for six months (or so) and get back into the workout groove. It only took me two hours to figure the thing out, but when I did, I put it to use for another hour.
I was feeling pretty pumped after working out, so I decided I would get some kickboxing time in. I started to shuffle and gave it a good jab, then another...ducked back and hit it with a couple cross punches and some hook shots...I was in my groove! Do you know my worthy opponent jumped out at me...all 80lbs! If there was a referee, that bag would have been penalized. Anyway, apparently I won 'cause it's still passed out on the floor.

I'm actually kind of bummed...'cause the metal
snapped and I haven't got a clue how to fix it.
Guess I can't work out anymore. haa haa haa
just kidding!
I guess my hands really aren't lethal weapons, unless I'm using them in prayer...wooo look out. :)

I really feel good having worked out today. Now I just have to keep it's not like I am very far away from the gym. :)

Ok, this has nothing to do with working out, but I have to share this clip. My little nephew is so darling...he sang me a "Christmas song" last night...if I had all the energy my neph's do...I wouldn't need to work out.


Nadine said...

Working out...hum...I find that the hardest thing to do. I just can't get motivated. I hope that you do a great job. Maybe I should try too.

Your nephew is adorable.

HIS daughter said...

Hey Ms Kate!

Love the workout story! I have the punching bag thing in the basement of our little house. It's my sons and he never uses it. He goes to the gym instead.
I put the gloves on and hit it a couple of times but I think I got the whole idea wrong!
Isn't someone supposed to be holding it for you? I don't know. I just started walking on the treadmill Saturday and I'm committed to getting this "temple of the Holy Spirit" in good health.

Pray for that because I hate exercise..or I did hate exercise. I am learning with GOD I can like exercise :-)

Ok, back to the work...countdown until tomorrow and back at the schedule!!

Thanks for the comments on my blog and all the other awesome things you said!

You are real encourager in the faith, Siesta!

I'm praying for you too!!