Monday, January 7, 2008

Woo Fun

Oh this day was just AWESOME!!!! I took off from work and headed to the hills (since I missed out on Saturday's ski time). Just so ya know, the weekends are for skiing, and the weekdays are for snowboarding. There's much more room to jib during the week. :) Anyway, here's a photo tour of my day.

The breathtaking scenery. Vail pass was closed both ways for avalanche control, so, as you can see, traffic was backed up forever, but the hills were a radiant white...and calling our names. It took us 3.5 hours to get there...but, full tank of gas, good music, good company, and good looking boys to smile at in the passing cars...who could ask for more? Of course, my friend Cindy's dad was on the phone making sure we had a full tank of gas and food with had no food, but we certainly didn't forget our Starbucks!'s the important things that matter. :) (side note: dad's don't seem to stop being dad's even when you're in your 30's.)

Well, we finally made it and of course we had to get ready by doing the snowboard's the thing. :) Mine doesn't spray out like Cindy's does, it just kind of flops...guess it's too long.

We then took a gondola ride to the lifts.

Kicking back...oh yeah.

) Nice boots.

( Thanks, they match my outfit.

Apparently some of the gondola operators were pretty bored. They were utilizing their literary freedom in a snow pile at one of the gondola stops...quite possibly a play on words...but ya never know, and I didn't have time to ask...we were all laughing...even the guys in their cage. I never thought of New York City as being boring, but then...I've never lived there.

We then strapped in and took off down the slopes....ahhhh fresh powder! (Note: fresh powder is a necessity for soft landing...which I happen to do plenty of.)

I didn't do what this kid was doing...I should have. I made many prints in the snow, but none of them were angelic.

(note to self: stop to make some angels next time)

We ended our day as any die-hard Colorado ski/boarder the infamous (at least in Colorado) Idaho Springs Beau Joe's Pizza. MMM...we split an individual pizza and had salad...yumm.

Look at the big fluffy snowflakes!

The drive back was much better than the drive there...even though the roads were actually in worse condition.

So, that was my I'm going to soak my soreness away and prepare for a new day.


beckyjomama said...

Sounds fun ... I went skiing once. ONCE!! It was in my not so brave days and it took me a couple of hours to get down the hill. Nobody would ever go with me again after that day.... Hmmmmm, makes ya wonder who your friends are. I am much more adventerous now, maybe I will try it again someday. Of course not here. Michigan, lots of snow ... NO hills! Ah well, can make lovely snowmen though - well, other people can make lovely snowmen. I make lovely snowBLOBS!!!!

MelanieJoy said...

Looks and sounds like FUN! It also looks and sounds COLD! I soooo don't enjoy the cold. It was down in the 20's last week and today it's all the way back into the 70's. I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Colorado. You need to send me a postcard =) haha

HIS daughter said...

Ms Kate!

Just look at you! Wow what fun!! I will be a good Siesta in Christ and not be envious :-)

I am sitting at my desk getting ready to work on the CDC's guidelines when dealing with MRSA and C.Dif. You are having way more fun!!!

I am only teasing you because I just KNOW that you prayed for me back at school! You enjoy your days as they wind down to a close!

Awesome pictures! Just beautiful and professional I might add!

Thank you for that sweet sweet comment on my blog!!

I opened it at 6 a.m. when I sat down to study and that was just what I needed to hear - "HIS princess"!!

I am and you are as well!

From one Princess to the other
Have a blessed and joyful day!

p.s. Ain't HE sweet? :-) ;-)

Nadine said...

Good for you. Nice pictures. Looks like you had a great time. I've never skiied or snowboarded, but it looks like fun.

Bev Brandon said...

Wow. That is an awesome day! My children have just left for the holidays and first on my list is to answer e-mails, letters, and of course, I am coming to yours first. What a generous offer! Do I have the right person here? Can't find the e-mail so I called Holly and think I have found you. Do you mean it? Is offer still on? My e-mail is
It would be such a rivilege and blessing for me. Let me know if I have found the right person. Three times last week I posted on wrong blogs so I hope you know what I am talking about. Your words touched me so. Bev

CrownLaidDown said...


Hi Today!! I'm doing better! and HAPPY! no job! Still Happy! Hee hee...
Love you friend!

Bev Brandon said...

Well YOU are an absolute delight. Loved your blog personality. EXCEPT I was looking for the Come On In And Get to Know Me Person and you are a Stuff & Stuff Person so I'm confused...did I find the right person??? LOL
ps the more the merrier